Band Vs Band will return (I hope!)

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Hi, everyone,

Thought I’d give you a quick update here, especially for those who don’t follow me on social media – honestly, I should have done this ages ago.

The main reason for my long absence and the lack of new comics has been that I’ve been dealing with a series of personal health issues on and off basically ever since I got sick at the start of the pandemic, and had some bad new developments recently. It’s not great, and it’s all left me pretty stressed and exhausted, and pretty far from comics-making mode.

However! Band Vs Band is my favorite project of all time, and my intention has always been to return to it at some point, when I can. I don’t know when, yet, and I don’t want to set a specific date in case it’s a promise I can’t keep…but I do want to be making comics again, and posting this feels like summoning hopeful momentum in that direction.

I also want to thank all of you who’ve read and enjoyed the comics over the years, and everyone who’s shared it with friends, supported my kickstarters and my books, or told me these gay band comics made you laugh, or have a place in your heart, or any nice thing, really. I’ve been so lucky to have readers that have been so overwhelmingly kind and supportive, and your enthusiasm for Band Vs Band has meant the world to me. I know I’ve shared this before, but I originally started posting these comics on a little drawing blog I used to have, with an attitude like “ha ha, I don’t care if anyone else likes or even Gets this – I’m drawing it to make ME laugh, as a treat”…and the fact that other people DID get into it was one of the best surprises of my life.

The image I’ve used above is in the BVB Volume 1 special edition book, and I’ve had it available as a print for a while – but I realized that, while it’s been on my social media, it WASN’T actually anywhere on this main website. And, dang it, I always really LIKED it, so: now it is! I thought it’d make a nice “cover” image to kind of hold the space here for a while until there’s new stuff, instead of it just continuing to be the last-posted comic page indefinitely.

I think that’s it for now (and if you follow me on any social media, you’ll definitely get updates on any comics happenings. The one I’m actually most active on is twitter, and that’s also the one to follow if you want regular pictures of my cats)

These are awful times we’re living in, and 2022 is already pretty rough…but, despite everything, I’m gonna go into this year with some hopeful energy towards making comics again.