Band Vs. A Surprising Turn Of Fortune


First of all: The Kickstarter to get the Band Vs. Band book printed is still on, and is on until March 20th! Thank you so, so much to everyone who’s supported this — it means the world to me, I’m so grateful, and I’m so thrilled that it’s gone over the goal already. Check it out, if you haven’t already: there’s some fun reward stuff up for grabs in addition to books, and, if nothing else, check out the dorky video I spent forever editing. It’s got a cameo from my cat, even. And, of course: tell your friends and share it! I’ll love you for it…and I’ve been hearing that new people are discovering this comic through the Kickstarter, which is awesome.

Okay. On to this specific page! Time for some award show shenanigans, and a pretty good excuse to get everyone dressed the heck up.

It took a while to come up with the right name for this award. I wanted it to sound award-ish with a dash of cheese-glitz, and have some reference to the fact that it’s star-shaped (like half the things in this world.) Among other rejected ideas: The Stellar Awards and The Stella Awards are both existing things, “Starly” is apparently a Pokemon, I already used both “Stardust” and “Celestial” elsewhere in the BVBverse, and “Starry” was already the name of Honey Hart’s made-up pony/unicorn/dolphin/kitten/swan hybrid animal.

I need to postpone new comics on the site for a few weeks while I finish my book.


Aw, I know. I wish I didn’t have to! It’s frustrating to me — I’ve been spending all of my free time on comics lately (like, to the point of not seeing friends and barely going outdoors on weekends – I’m wearing one hell of a grungy hermit outfit right now), and yet I still feel like a deadbeat not having updates on Mondays. So much of what I’m working on is the book bonus stuff that I’ve sworn not to show the internet in advance, and it’s weird not having that gratification of posting it. I’m dying to post some of this, because I think you’ll like it.

I know this is the right thing to do — having a gap where there’s a drought of new comix here for a little while ultimately won’t make much difference, but having a book I’m not happy with would be forever.

Thank you so much again to everyone who supported the Kickstarter, and everyone who’s looking forward to this book and/or new comix on the site. I wanna make great stuff for ya. Also, I wanna get these characters dressed up for their award show already…but man, it’s going to have to wait.

Estimate on comic updates again: mid-April. I’ll be sharing as much miscellaneous progress as I can with you in the meantime — mostly on Tumblr, but sometimes also Twitter and Facebook.