An Unexpected Hero Vs. Her Moment Of Glory

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Ok — here comes a better accompanying post for this one. I just put up a placeholder late last night due to being undead-tired.Things of note:

Something cool and unexpected happened in the comment thread for the last page, in case you missed it: a reader named Trisha made a video tutorial for doing Venus Destructo eye makeup! Makes me want to try it, too — if I do, I’ll post a picture.

I think I’ve mentioned before that I grew to really like Stacey as a minor character — she’s like this high-spirited underdog with questionable judgement — so, here’s her moment to Be The Hero. Ya did good, Stace.

Bonus trivia, which I’m sure anyone local has already noticed: I have a little theme going on where I like to use streets in Vancouver as BVB characters’ last names. It’s not universal, just a few of them…I’ve already used Hastings, Davie, Cordova, and Alberni, and have several others that I like the sound of  picked out for future use. It’s partly the fun of a theme, partly out of city-love, and partly just thinking that it’s a great name-set.