Band Mail #3

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It’s been ages, but it’s time to do another mailbag comic (and one that’s gonna span two pages)! Kat, if you’re out there, thanks for this prompt. Foxy speaks the truth here: Domme has indeed gotten the most mail of all the characters. I thought it was time to let her answer one (and then promptly have the comic swerve off in another direction. A costume direction.)

This has been a bit of a lousy week for me — so, I think I want to take a moment here to appreciate some goodness:

The brilliant Jeanne Thornton is one of my favorite human beings, and is part of the collective that puts out the ROCKSALT alt-comics paper that my stuff has been appearing in far from home — my valentines are in the latest issue. She’s also the cartoonist who I would declare to have custody of the BVB universe if I died or something, for whatever that’s worth.

Justin Pierce, the mad genius behind The Non-Adventures of Wonderella, is one of the smartest and funniest people I know — and we’ve known each other over ten years now. Our overall aesthetics and sensibilities are so different, but whenever we have conversations about comix (or whatever else) they’re great — and friend, you are appreciated.

Finishing off this roundup adorably (and I’d link to these people if they had links!): Sarah has done some more awesome BVB pixel art (heeee! Lookit that Turpentine!), and Lillie made a Honey Hart My Little Pony!