Band Vs. Band Grab Bag!

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I realllly like multiple small comics on a page as a format.

Other thoughts on this one:

• One of my favorite things about writing Honey has always been that, while her cheerfulness is totally genuine, she’s also got this layer of… troubled melancholy…just barely beneath the surface.

• Teen Turpentine: obviously, I’ve been thinking I wanna draw this I wanna draw this since the “you spent your adolescence getting detentions and vandalizing desks” line two pages ago! I’d say their age here is around 14. It’s within the same year that Arsenic got forcibly sent to an awful church summer camp, immediately made eye contact with someone aesthetically similar who clearly didn’t wanna be there either, and then First Boyfriend Summer Romance and he’s totally swept away with Feelings. And, back home, Turpentine’s kind of at loose ends without her usual pal, and vandalizes a LOT of stuff. A lot.