Band Vs. The Holidays 2013 Part 1

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I think I really just find something hilarious about Christmas.

I actually have a couple of BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS TODAY:

1.There’s going to be a Band Vs. Band print book!

I’ve wanted to do this forever, and I’ve decided that it’s happening over the next few months. I want to have this tangible object exist, and I want other people to be able to have copies, and something just snapped recently and made me feel like it’s now or never, and I have to take this on as a crazy project. I can do this, and I’m pretty confident that I can make it a hell of a sweet book that’s worth owning — I’m a graphic designer with background & training in this stuff. I’m thinking it’s going to collect all the pages up until a certain point (probably 120-ish), and include some neat extras, too. This will also be the moment where all the other little print stuff I’ve been talking about but haven’t done yet, like stickers, goes into production. I’m determined that the book’s going to be a nice print run, not print-on-demand, so it’s pretty likely there’ll be a Kickstarter or similar to help fund that in like a pre-order sort of way — and I’ll load it up with fun reward swag.

2. I’m going to be at VanCAF 2014 next spring!

With these books, according to my schemin’ & plannin’! If you’re in or near Vancouver and into comix, mark your calendar and come say hi.

I’ve actually got a third comics-related Upcoming Thing Of Interest, too, but I think I’m going to save it for now. All of this is going to be a lot of work, and it’s daunting, and sort of terrifying, but I am so excited. I’ll keep you updated. Thank you, all of you, for all the encouragement you’ve given me over the years.