Bands Vs. Summertime

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1. Woo! I will never get tired of these activity-style pages. There’s a printable PDF of this here, with a whole second page of EXTRA CLOTHES. I basically make these with the assumption that very few people actually DO the activities or the colouring, and 99% of their purpose is just to be read as cute weird-format comic pages…but hey, if you do, show me!

2. Hey, by the way: did you miss the last comic page? It went up pretty late in the week.

3. Related, since I’m apparently a real paper-toy fan: one of the items from the Kickstarter was PAPER BAND SETS, and I think they’re pretty sweet if I do say so myself— all the bandmates in Band Mode with their instruments, and they come perforated so you don’t have to mess with scissors. I’m still finalizing getting those printed (so, if you’re getting this, it hasn’t shipped yet!), but I’ll take pictures of them when I’ve got them.

4. I would hope no one too young to handle scissors is reading these comics — but hey, if so, I suppose anything inappropriate would fly right over their heads.