Candy Girls Vs. More Band Lineup Issues

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Ah, Carrie “Cherry Cola” Kirsch: the BVB character that I think we know the least about relative to the number of times she’s appeared, and the fact that she’s in one of the Main Two Bands. I wanted to do something with that, and with this vibe the Candy Hearts have always had where they spend a lot of time together and identify as close pals but maybe they’re not that close in some ways, and there are these real gaps in how well they know each other.

(I think Zero almost doesn’t count in the rankings of how well we know each character, since it’s his thing that he’s silent and kinda enigmatic. But hey, if he does, I think he just outranked Cherry by having his wedding shown.)

In other news: I’m both excited and terrified about making the print book and related stuff happen, but I’m determined that it will happen, and be in people’s hands late spring / early summer. More details on that soon.