Honey Vs. A Breaking Point

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This one’s for you, all of you who’ve told me you’ve liked Dark Honey in this episode!


– I’ve updated my store! The FOLLOW YER GAY LIL’ HEART and BAD GIRL CAT HUG CLUB stickers are now available, and so are a few remaining copies of the limited edition HOT PINK risograph Band Vs. Band mini-books I did for TCAF and VanCAF. These were a special thing for these spring 2015 shows, so they’re only going to be available to order for the month of June ā€” and then they’re off the table forever. Vancouver area: contact me for alternate ways to get stuff without paying for shipping.

– And check this out: Iā€™m in this neat article profiling female/queer comic artists, along with Shing Yin Khor, Joamette Gil, and Blue Delliquanti.

– VanCAF was fantastic – thank you to everyone who made it out, and made it so great. I met so many nice people, and bought a ridiculous pile of new comics ā€“ so, yeah, perfect weekend.