Honey Vs The Cat’s Good Listening Skills, Round 3

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Aw, Honey Hart, making progress.
Man, this story arc has had a lot of relationship stuff and People Being Introspective In Their Bedrooms. That’s not to say I haven’t enjoyed doing it (I totally have!) — but whenever I get close to wrapping up a multi-page stretch, or get a little serious, I start dying to shift gears for a while into sillier stuff and one-shots and stuff like Mailbag and PSAs and Activity Pages and weird little forays starring side characters. And then, when I’ve been doing a few of those in a row, I want to do stories again. It’s the circle of life. I think there are about two more pages left in this one, in which we see one additional semi-introspective bedroom.

Also: for all you cat fans: meet Lily, who, in my biased opinion, is the greatest cat in the entire world. She’s been with me through a lot.