Honey Vs. Turpentine: RE: Potential Employment

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Something I know I’ve written about elsewhere: I’ve thought a lot about the relative scale of stories in the Band Vs. Band world. It’s specifically not about The Biggest Superstar Bands In The World, and it’s ALSO specifically not about Hopeless Bands where the joke is that they’re awful and going nowhere. I want it to be at this medium-level human scale, basically: the main bands are each implied to be pretty good IF you like their kind of thing (which is split in-universe!), they have setbacks and successes, and, at this point, though they’ve made some progress, they still need day jobs. And this record store would be an especially sweet day-job option if there’s a discount.

I actually feel kinda bad that, with the exception of Domme getting a spotlight moment, the other bandmates besides Honey and Turpentine haven’t had much to do in the last couple of sequences besides tag along. It’ll balance out, though! I’ve got tons I wanna do with these characters, both ensemble-wise and individually. I like this cast of characters a lot.