Proper Rollerskate Etiquette Vs. Horseplay

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A few of you came really close to predicting this!

Notable things that were on the BVB Tumblr/Facebook this week, if you missed ’em: I’ve been mapping our a couple of comic locations for my own reference, and I posted this little isometric illustration of Turpentine and Arsenic’s often-seen messy apartment. I love this kind of thing…I can lose myself for hours and hours drawing little places.
Then, because it was pretty reminiscent of playing The Sims, I made some Sims for fun. I hadn’t played in ages, and I actually found myself surprised at how rigidly it enforced its gender binary with the haircuts and clothes in the character creator — like, you could NOT choose from the full range for any individual. I’m sure that people who are far more interested in Sims than I am have already altered this a million times over with downloadable custom content and game mods and etc.