Sourballs Vs. The World

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D’awww. Supportive friends. This has kinda been their core all along — they like the idea of being the “bad” band in this whole nominal good/bad dynamic, and they’re troublemakers and frequently unwholesome…but they’re so not bad people.

The title I gave one actually comes from this Life in Hell comic, which is what I was thinking about way back when I named the band (plus, I suppose, wanting the candy parallel with The Candy Hearts.) I’m not sure it’s what I’d go for again if I was naming them now (or if I’d known then that this was going to go for well over 100 pages, instead of like five), but what the heck. I think that’s similar to how they think about it in-universe — like, this band name probably has some kind of half-forgotten silly origin, but by now they’re all attached to it and used to it.

Re: Domme: this was actually not the intention from Day 1 (tho it’s been canon in my mind for probably the majority of the run of these comix), and I really debated whether it was somehow Not Legit to have a trans character who was not originally, specifically created as such. Where I’m at now is that I kinda like the idea that it’s not her main trait in the universe, and everything that’s *more* central to this character’s role (deadpan snarker, academic grad student, comparatively elegant force for order when her bandmates are being particularly chaotic and scruffy, probably into some manner of kink or at least likes to project that aesthetically) was established first.

It’s bugged me for ages that my super-stylized, friendly, heavily-populated-with L, G, B, and Q characters comixworld might be accidentally perceived as somewhere my T friends/readers were not invited due to no representation. Not so.

Sorry that this one was so late, by the way! I can’t entirely BLAME this, but it may have been a factor that at one point this weekend my apartment building was actually on fire.