Turpentine Sort Of Vs. A Doppelganger

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This was kind of an interesting character design exercise: coming up with a girl similar enough to Turpentine that they look visually parallel and could probably be mistaken for each other across a dimly-lit room — and yet, their faces aren’t that similar, and a conversation like this shouldn’t have any confusion about who’s who.

This one also digs into something that I think has been a little bit of an elephant in the room in this comicworld. So, clearly, Honey Hart’s thing is that she’s making slow progress against being waaaaay too repressed to really admit that she’s a lesbian. But what about Turpentine? We know that she’d be loath to admit that she’s got a thing for her “enemy”, specifically…but what about in general? She hasn’t really been seen with anyone, and turns guys down in a second flat — but it seems like, with her friends and the scenes and parties they run in, sooner or later she’s going to run into a socially and aesthetically similar lady who makes an overt move on her. AND WHAT THEN?

(ps: clarifying just in case it slipped from your memory from last week: this page takes place directly after the scene in the last one.)