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…Intermission in which we meet the sleazy real estate developers who want to flatten the club, and in which the rumors that it’s haunted start spreading like wildfire!
I really like all three of these characters, so it’s fun to do something where they’re getting integrated back into the same story that our main bands are currently participating in. I’ve also been refining their designs a little so they’re more distinctive — it’s vaguely bugged me for ages that Stacey’s hair was shaped too much like Honey’s.

Other news:I made a facebook page, and you should join it! We’ll have the comments here same as ever, but this’ll be another little clubhouse with updates and extras and fun discussion. This actually makes me feel sort of funny because, at the very core of my heart, I’m a creator and not a marketer, and I’ve never been fully comfortable with or good at anything that feels like self-promotion. But this will be tons of fun — you guys who post here really make me happy, I’ve been delighted that people I know in real life have gotten into these comix too, and I think having another venue for cartoon band hangouts will be entertaining.

Honey Hart vs. Self

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What makes this one work, I think, is that the previous one it’s based on is one of the least suggestive BVBs ever (at least in terms of Honey vs. Turpentine, and, um, not counting the panel with Foxy sitting on the amp. But really, it was mostly a literal thing about being unsafe with electricity.)

Also: I think I’m going to set myself a schedule to motivate me to do these with more regularly. Right now I’m thinking about every Monday — I’ll put up an official…thing…to confirm it when I decide.