Turpentine Vs. Momentum & Gravity

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One of my secret bad habits: for comics where bands are performing all the time, I, uh, sure don’t include many views of crowds and audiences. We’ve got one today, though!

In this story, Turp is once again wearing the bug shirt that threw my whole sense of reality-vs-my-own-fiction off kilter when I found a really similar thing in a thrift store the day after I first drew it. I bought it, of course.

Band vs. My Love Of Alternate Character Designs

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This was a busy (like, some actual all-nighters busy) week for me, and I didn’t get an actual page done — but I did draw this! Credit where it’s due: the boys are based a little bit on something my girlfriend sketched in my Silly Drawings At The Bar Notebook a little while ago.

I think Turpentine and Arsenic retain the same names here except for being Clement and Nicole in Real Name Life. I have no idea about Zero except that I wish I could keep this version around permanently.

Diplomatic Solutions Vs. Declarations Of War

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“I need some clothes, STAT! You guys have anything lying around the fort?”

Sorry this one’s late, guys! I’m gonna make an effort to get my schedule back on track. Side note: I’ve really been having fun doing this longer-form story, but I’m also dying to get back to doing some shorter bits and one-off pages! In general, I do like how BVB is kind of a mix where sometimes pages stand alone and sometimes there are little plots like a cartoon episode. This one’s almost done, and it’s approaching 20 pages, which is probably the longer end of an episodey plot around here.

PSA #3

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I liked the idea of doing one that briefly acknowledges the necessity of mountains of gear, since this is normally a world where our bands can pull  instruments out of thin air and have musical showdowns at a moment’s notice. And don’t worry — Honey didn’t let them die.
In other news, my pal Sarah has been doing these pixel versions of Band Vs. Band characters that make me just die that I can’t play them as some charming, unforgiving NES game right now. This week she added this cute l’il Honey Hart walking sprite:

..and a BOSS BATTLE! (click for big)