Honey Vs. Her Best Confidante

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It’s been too long since we had a song — especially a song with questionable advice and moralizing!

…Actually, I don’t think this one is entirely terrible advice. I came out to a cat as the first step before telling any humans, and I highly recommend it.

Possible discussion point: Which BVB song so far has made you most want to hear (or imagine) what the hell the music would sound like?

Band Vs. Valentines

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I couldn’t not do this. The whole aesthetic of this comic year-round is super-girly and covered in hearts — of COURSE it would have elementary school style valentine cards. There’s also something charming to me about the fact that these mostly aren’t even jokes. That’s how this always went down: you bought like a 24-pack of valentines featuring characters from a cartoon franchise you liked, and each one had a little character illustration paired with a vaguely flirty sentiment like “Oh hey, VALENTINE, I think you’re SWELL”.
Here they are separately for purposes of, I dunno, sending to your cartoon-band-loving sweetheart or something. Plus: two bonus ones! For those of you keeping score, we’re going to consider everything taking place here to not be canonical events.

Oh yeah, and you might notice that I contextualized these with a url. That’s my valentine present to this comic (we’ve had so much fun together! Swoon!) — it’s now got an alternate address that’s easier to remember and type and etc. We’ll see whether I actually move everything over to that root directory instead of just directing it…I’m wary of messing with the database that powers this thing.

Also: I got on this serious kick of drawing variations on multiple characters sharing sodas Archie-style, and I have a couple more in my sketchbook that I didn’t even use.

Dreams vs. Dreams!

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Happy birthday, BVB! I started making these around the end of November last year as part of an attempt to get myself just generally drawing more, and I couldn’t have predicted that’d I’d fall crazy in love with them. I also wasn’t expecting anyone else but me to really dig it! This comic has been one of the best parts of the past year for me, and it just warms my little heart that it keeps getting positive reactions from friends, acquaintances, family (ha ha, yep, my family’s seen all the smutty ones) and rad internet people. Love you all.

My New Comic Year resolution is to maybe put an actual schedule on these things and do more of them — because seriously, I want to tell a million pastel cartoon band stories. Onward!

Something else I’ve been meaning to mention: one of my activity pages is in the current issue of ROCKSALT, a free comics newspaper that you can pick up in Austin, Texas! Which I’ve never set foot in! This is the work of my unstoppable best comixpal Jeanne and her crew, and I’m delighted to be this weird lone Canadian connection to it.

Three Quick Comics

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Hey, all — I’m in the middle of packing everything up to move across the country, which is why I haven’t had a lot of time for comics…but I wanted to put something new up. So: three minicomix today! It shouldn’t be long before I’m back in the groove doing proper ones regularly.