Band Mail #5

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I think this may the most meta, self-referencing, context-dependent BVB page of all time. I mean, here’s a series that’s already pretty Saturday-morning-cartoon-influenced imagined as a different sort of cartoon, as drawn by a character in-universe.

I really, really love doing these bad, in-character drawings — the previous ones were here and here. Thanks for the question, original writer of this letter!

Intermission II

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Another inbetweeny comic, featuring JOURNALISM, some questionable school-paper comic strips, and two more previously-incidental characters getting names! This is a world that revolves so much around stage names and pseudonyms, so this felt like a natural fit. You guys remember these girls?

Incidentally, I ran across an entire comic strip about roller derby! It’s called Bonnie N. Collide, and I really dig how she draws.

Oh yeah! And I’ve also been putting up a couple of extra drawings on the secret facebook club, if you feel like checking them out.

Round 2: Turpentine vs. Comix

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She’s already got another one of Honey’s drawings on the fridge, too!

I also mentioned this somewhere in the comments last week, but I think it bears repeating that I had tons of fun with the challenge of coming up with the way each of these characters draws, with the parameters that they should look stylistically distinct from each other, and neither one’s really supposed to be able to draw well.

Honey Vs. Comix

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So, sorry that this one’s so late — this mostly happened because I got sick this week. I’m going to say that we’re back on an Every Monday schedule now, and this one may just count for the upcoming Monday the 12th (and maybe I’ll post a bonus drawing or something on my blog on Monday to make up for it).

I had quite the debate with myself over whether “butt holes” was allowed to get past the ridiculously, deliberately low swear barrier I’ve set for these comics. I decided yes because it’s so juvenile, like something a five year old would say, and the context is so silly.