Turpentine Vs. The World Re: Musical Taste

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I normally try to avoid giving my fictional bands names that exist as actual bands…but sometimes that’s a losing battle due to the high odds of basically any phrase having been used by someone, somewhere to name a band. I liked a lot of these enough that I decided that I didn’t care, and intentionally didn’t look most of them up. If real ones exist, I’m inclined to view it like how the Danzig Misfits and the Pizzazz Misfits were (unfortunately) unrelated.

Music Vs. History

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Sorry that this is so late! I swear, the last five percent of every comic takes up about half of the total production time — I always find about a hundred little details to correct.

In this world where just about everyone has a campy stage name, I think Mascara Masque is my favorite one I’ve come up with. And just for the hell of it, here she is not angled into the perspective of the wall.