Band vs. My Love Of Alternate Character Designs

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This was a busy (like, some actual all-nighters busy) week for me, and I didn’t get an actual page done — but I did draw this! Credit where it’s due: the boys are based a little bit on something my girlfriend sketched in my Silly Drawings At The Bar Notebook a little while ago.

I think Turpentine and Arsenic retain the same names here except for being Clement and Nicole in Real Name Life. I have no idea about Zero except that I wish I could keep this version around permanently.

Band Vs. The Holidays

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Just a couple of quick holiday-themed drawings. I actually have the next actual comic about 98% done — I’ll put it up on Monday when this whole Xmas train has passed.

Notes: re: this:

• Of all the supposedly-wholesome things that Honey Hart is into, she’s not actually into Jesus — but man, I think she’d be super into The Christmas Spirit.

• Pretty sure Damon took this job because he got fired from whatever his last one was.