Rival Bandmates Vs. Bonding Moments

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Sorry for the lateness of this one! I finally got a replacement tablet pen, and I’m back on track. It was was really crazy how lost I felt without it. Slave to technology.

I’ve been pretty inconsistent with how I draw the various musical instruments we see a lot, especially early on — and I’m usually not too hung up about it. A couple of the others are meant to be models that exist in the real world, but I decided here that Honey’s blue guitar is just fictional. And notable, apparently!

Also: odds are good that that’s either Ariel or Strawberry hanging out with Li’l Honey.

Honey Hart vs. Self Part II

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She’s getting there, in her own way.
This has got to be one of the most convoluted, busy-assed page layouts I’ve ever done. Meh, it’s kind of operating on dream logic, right?

And yes, “Heidi” is indeed her non-stage name. The complete roll call for our main two bands when they’re waiting in line at the grocery store wearing their civilian pants is Heidi, Carrie, Courtney, Roy, Clementine, Nick, Dominique, and Mallory. This info has come up in the established canon before, but it’s mostly a rare occurrence.
Bonus obsessive stock-taking: by my count, the only other characters who’ve appeared and been addressed by name are Ian, Stacey, Damon, and Billy, all of which are their real first names (albeit including one who’s not using his real last name).

Band Mail #2

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Finally, FINALLY, new comics!
Thank you, Courtenay, for playing the Send Mail To Fictional Characters game! There are several other questions in my inbox that are completely great and will have their turn…but this one was clearly irresistable.

Three Quick Comics

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Hey, all — I’m in the middle of packing everything up to move across the country, which is why I haven’t had a lot of time for comics…but I wanted to put something new up. So: three minicomix today! It shouldn’t be long before I’m back in the groove doing proper ones regularly.