Diplomatic Solutions Vs. Declarations Of War

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“I need some clothes, STAT! You guys have anything lying around the fort?”

Sorry this one’s late, guys! I’m gonna make an effort to get my schedule back on track. Side note: I’ve really been having fun doing this longer-form story, but I’m also dying to get back to doing some shorter bits and one-off pages! In general, I do like how BVB is kind of a mix where sometimes pages stand alone and sometimes there are little plots like a cartoon episode. This one’s almost done, and it’s approaching 20 pages, which is probably the longer end of an episodey plot around here.

Rivals Vs. Interloper

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Sorry that this one was so late! If my weekend goes as productively as I hope, I’ll have another new one ready for Monday. I’ve got comix fever, apparently.

Update: I did not, in fact, have an additional new one up for Monday the 28th. I’m just going to have the next one on Monday the 4th, so that things are back on track with this established schedule where Monday Is The Thing.

…and I just plain like how italics look with this font I’m currently using here for paragraph text.

Sourballs vs. Accusations!

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I like that I finally kinda contextualized Turpentine (& Arsenic)’s place in this one — it’s been my intention all along that it’s this odd basement apartment underneath a house, but there hadn’t yet been a page that really showed that.

Other business for today:

Jeanne Thornton, one of my favorite friends in the universe, just started up a new comics project called Bad Mother! It’s about a little girl named Betty Spector who’s being raised according to QUESTIONABLE PRINCIPLES by her mother, Mona. I’ve seen a bunch of the upcoming ones, and they are delightful.

And, on a related note, happy Mother’s Day to my mom — a very good mother who actually does read my comix, and loves me just the way I am. Aww.