Turpentine Vs. Momentum & Gravity

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One of my secret bad habits: for comics where bands are performing all the time, I, uh, sure don’t include many views of crowds and audiences. We’ve got one today, though!

In this story, Turp is once again wearing the bug shirt that threw my whole sense of reality-vs-my-own-fiction off kilter when I found a really similar thing in a thrift store the day after I first drew it. I bought it, of course.

Foes Vs. A Moment On Common Ground

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This one is such a tease! (also: sorry again for missing an update last week.)

I had fun with this longer form episode, but I’m also kinda delighted to be wrapping it up so that I can do some shorter bits. For instance, it’s been so long since the last mailbag comic — and you guys have sent in some really good questions.

Oh yeah — in case you missed it on the facebook page, I made this set of pixelly BVB characters, and kind of dug how they turned out.