Band Vs. The Holidays 2012

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Hope everyone (at least in the parts of the world where December holidays are a thing) is enjoying a few days off from work or school — I’m having an excellent time getting festive with my family.

I’ve been making these comics for two years now, and it remains my favorite-ever project. Thanks for being the people I share it with. If it were possible, I’d pour all of you a liquored-up-hot-chocolate.

Music Vs. History

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Sorry that this is so late! I swear, the last five percent of every comic takes up about half of the total production time — I always find about a hundred little details to correct.

In this world where just about everyone has a campy stage name, I think Mascara Masque is my favorite one I’ve come up with. And just for the hell of it, here she is not angled into the perspective of the wall.

Venue Vs. Peril

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NO SUCH THING AS TOO MANY STARS (OR HEARTS). This is the BVB philosophy. Honey Hart has an entire closet full of star clothing.

I was also  just thinking about how the numbering on these is pretty messed up — there are actually 66 pages in the archive, but I’ve been wildly inconsistent about which of the nonstandard pages count as part of the numbering. Fortunately, I don’t think it matters much. I mostly just number them because having a page prefaced with, like “#56!” feels like a classic retro-comix sort of thing aesthetically.