Alcohol Vs. Inhibitions

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Lucky comic number 33! This song’s been kicking around in my sketchbook getting re-written over and over for months, and I’m glad I finally found a place for it. It’s also got a Part 2 that I’m looking forward to drawing, but I think I’m going to shift gears back to the Candy Hearts next — I’ve totally been neglecting them due to the Sourballs being pretty much my favorite. I’m enough of a dork about this that I have detailed notes about every character (like, the bible of what traits they have, and what dynamics they have with others, and the strict rules of what they aren’t), and I definitely have the most written about Turpentine and Arsenic.

Oh, yeah, and the other thing I wanted to mention was how much I like drawing extra background characters in this world — they mostly have this thing going on where they need to look…fun…in order to be visually consistent with the main characters. Pretty much everybody dresses with this sort of fusion of the 90s, the 80s, and a bin full of costume parts.