An Unexpected Hero Vs. Her Moment Of Glory

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Ok — here comes a better accompanying post for this one. I just put up a placeholder late last night due to being undead-tired.Things of note:

Something cool and unexpected happened in the comment thread for the last page, in case you missed it: a reader named Trisha made a video tutorial for doing Venus Destructo eye makeup! Makes me want to try it, too — if I do, I’ll post a picture.

I think I’ve mentioned before that I grew to really like Stacey as a minor character — she’s like this high-spirited underdog with questionable judgement — so, here’s her moment to Be The Hero. Ya did good, Stace.

Bonus trivia, which I’m sure anyone local has already noticed: I have a little theme going on where I like to use streets in Vancouver as BVB characters’ last names. It’s not universal, just a few of them…I’ve already used Hastings, Davie, Cordova, and Alberni, and have several others that I like the sound of  picked out for future use. It’s partly the fun of a theme, partly out of city-love, and partly just thinking that it’s a great name-set.

Intermission II

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Another inbetweeny comic, featuring JOURNALISM, some questionable school-paper comic strips, and two more previously-incidental characters getting names! This is a world that revolves so much around stage names and pseudonyms, so this felt like a natural fit. You guys remember these girls?

Incidentally, I ran across an entire comic strip about roller derby! It’s called Bonnie N. Collide, and I really dig how she draws.

Oh yeah! And I’ve also been putting up a couple of extra drawings on the secret facebook club, if you feel like checking them out.


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…Intermission in which we meet the sleazy real estate developers who want to flatten the club, and in which the rumors that it’s haunted start spreading like wildfire!
I really like all three of these characters, so it’s fun to do something where they’re getting integrated back into the same story that our main bands are currently participating in. I’ve also been refining their designs a little so they’re more distinctive — it’s vaguely bugged me for ages that Stacey’s hair was shaped too much like Honey’s.

Other news:I made a facebook page, and you should join it! We’ll have the comments here same as ever, but this’ll be another little clubhouse with updates and extras and fun discussion. This actually makes me feel sort of funny because, at the very core of my heart, I’m a creator and not a marketer, and I’ve never been fully comfortable with or good at anything that feels like self-promotion. But this will be tons of fun — you guys who post here really make me happy, I’ve been delighted that people I know in real life have gotten into these comix too, and I think having another venue for cartoon band hangouts will be entertaining.

Ian & Stacey Comix #4

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Ian & Stacey drama! Which has…ultimately no impact on anything, probably!

Man, these lesbian-centric comics have had a surprising amount of dude-on-dude action. I think that’s partly due to a relative conservation of girl/girl stuff because it’s generally more plot-significant overall. Related note: I think it’s really, blatantly  obvious from the way I draw people that I’m far more interested in the feminine than the masculine…and with these comics, I’m just letting myself do that without reining it in at all, and letting this little world of cartoon bands have more than its share of femin-ish guys.

I’ve got another page in the works that I want to put up this weekend, so: another update soon!

ps: For those of you who share my interests GLBTQ issues and/or bands of the 90s, I wrote this  rambling thing over on my barely-used blog about something that really upset me this week.