Turpentine Vs. Phone Etiquette, Round 2

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Kind of a lot of text in this one — but hey, the text in these is fun to do.
Additional notes:

• Man, Foxy Monoxide is becoming a real contender for the constantly-changing status of Secretly My Favorite Character. She’s so easygoing.
• The first draft of this, before being cut down for Way Too Much Text, had Turpentine following up this “CLEMENTINE” bubble with another indignant question about how come Honey knows her SECRET REAL NAME. The answer (which was not in this dialogue) is that Billy The Reporter spilled it on at least two different occasions.
• As you may recall, we first saw Hair Streak Red Skirt Girl back here. The way I originally had it written, she had a rhyming line in the subsequent song — but then I ended up totally reworking it, and her one line got cut. I think this one’s an improvement anyway.
• Looks like it’s finally time to stop having to keep track of everything these guys drew on each other with markers. Onward to more band adventures!