Name Game 2 / Sourballs Vs. Bat Country

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As I’ve clarified at least one other time in the post underneath a comic: no Sourballs died as a result of this incident.

I’m pretty happy with this name list, you guys. I was going to save it for some later date, but what the hell — I had name-chart fever this week.

It’s also incidentally my birthday today. I mostly spent it wearing pyjamas and drawing, which was pleasant.

Activity Page #3

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Printable b/w pdf version of this is here. I own and cherish a few of the other BVB coloring pages colored by friends — if you’ve done any, I want to see!

Also: tell me what you got in this name game!
ps: If Turpentine tries it with her real name, she’s probably not going to like the result very much.