Soda Vs. Herself, Mostly

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So, this one won’t go down in history as one of my favorite pages ever, due to its being quite text-heavy and mostly just doing some necessary inbetweeny work tying a few things up as this little episode approaches its end. There are a couple of things in it that I really ended up liking, though.
Aw, Soda! You’re kind of a deeply unstable and problematic person. That’s one of the cores of this, I think — Honey has her own secret inner neuroses, but her Sunshine & Goodness persona is also really genuine…and her mania for it attracts this person who’s superficially similar in some ways but has problems tenfold.
Venus is doing some hosting duties for this event, so she’s got an interest in having it not totally descend into fisticuffs. Ian may also still be hanging out with the Sourballs, but I already had like a million and a half characters to draw here.