Name Game 2 / Sourballs Vs. Bat Country

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As I’ve clarified at least one other time in the post underneath a comic: no Sourballs died as a result of this incident.

I’m pretty happy with this name list, you guys. I was going to save it for some later date, but what the hell — I had name-chart fever this week.

It’s also incidentally my birthday today. I mostly spent it wearing pyjamas and drawing, which was pleasant.

Band Vs. An Impromptu Spoken-Word History Lesson

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So, when we last left this roughly-continuous episode, the Sourballs got drunk and drew on each other with markers, and Turpentine kinda ended up on the floor. And now, our pal Atomic Domme gets a little moment in the spotlight — and no, we’re not going to actually see this. The next one jumps forward in time.

PS:  Here’s Mina Loy on a tumblr called Hotties From History. I debated quite a bit about which historical figure Domme would want to talk about in this totally-outta-left-field sort of way, but she seemed right. Additional educational notes, in case you’re interested: Loy never published her feminist manifesto in her lifetime, possibly because some of it gets into troubling pseudo-fascist territory that’s otherwise not typical of the author. I like a lot of the rest of it, though — she’s one of my favourite early 20th century figures. Oh, yeah, and the erotic poetry isn’t particularly scandalous…but hey, I guess it was in 1915.