BVB Record Club: The Sourballs!

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So, I’m fairly pleased with this — both of these Record Club pages were exercises in trying to really capture the style of each band, and this Sourballs one was an attempt to really get and convey this sort of aesthetic that’s had a pretty beloved place in my heart ever since it grabbed me hard as a teenager in the 90s.
(And thanks to Sarah and Amanda for coming up with a couple of the phrases and titles that I ended up using in both of these. You’ve got ways with words.)
We’ll be back to comic-style comix next time — I’ve got what I think is a pretty fun little story that I want to launch into after this.

BVB Record Club: The Candy Hearts!

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So, this one’s not so much A Comic, but hey, that’s a thing we do pretty regularly here with the coloring pages and valentines and etceteras.
It struck me as a glaring omission this week that my bands barely had anything in the way of song titles and discographies, and that it would be fun to build that side of the world and its characters. I’m thinking that this is going to be an occasional feature, especially as we start seeing more bands in this world. Oh mannn, and I’ve already got all the song titles and half the artwork ready for a Sourballs one, but I’m not sure whether it’ll be immediately next or not.