Proper Rollerskate Etiquette Vs. Horseplay

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A few of you came really close to predicting this!

Notable things that were on the BVB Tumblr/Facebook this week, if you missed ’em: I’ve been mapping our a couple of comic locations for my own reference, and I posted this little isometric illustration of Turpentine and Arsenic’s often-seen messy apartment. I love this kind of thing…I can lose myself for hours and hours drawing little places.
Then, because it was pretty reminiscent of playing The Sims, I made some Sims for fun. I hadn’t played in ages, and I actually found myself surprised at how rigidly it enforced its gender binary with the haircuts and clothes in the character creator — like, you could NOT choose from the full range for any individual. I’m sure that people who are far more interested in Sims than I am have already altered this a million times over with downloadable custom content and game mods and etc.

Turpentine Vs. Momentum & Gravity

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One of my secret bad habits: for comics where bands are performing all the time, I, uh, sure don’t include many views of crowds and audiences. We’ve got one today, though!

In this story, Turp is once again wearing the bug shirt that threw my whole sense of reality-vs-my-own-fiction off kilter when I found a really similar thing in a thrift store the day after I first drew it. I bought it, of course.