Rivals Vs. Interloper

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Sorry that this one was so late! If my weekend goes as productively as I hope, I’ll have another new one ready for Monday. I’ve got comix fever, apparently.

Update: I did not, in fact, have an additional new one up for Monday the 28th. I’m just going to have the next one on Monday the 4th, so that things are back on track with this established schedule where Monday Is The Thing.

…and I just plain like how italics look with this font I’m currently using here for paragraph text.

Band Vs. Valentines

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I couldn’t not do this. The whole aesthetic of this comic year-round is super-girly and covered in hearts — of COURSE it would have elementary school style valentine cards. There’s also something charming to me about the fact that these mostly aren’t even jokes. That’s how this always went down: you bought like a 24-pack of valentines featuring characters from a cartoon franchise you liked, and each one had a little character illustration paired with a vaguely flirty sentiment like “Oh hey, VALENTINE, I think you’re SWELL”.
Here they are separately for purposes of, I dunno, sending to your cartoon-band-loving sweetheart or something. Plus: two bonus ones! For those of you keeping score, we’re going to consider everything taking place here to not be canonical events.

Oh yeah, and you might notice that I contextualized these with a url. That’s my valentine present to this comic (we’ve had so much fun together! Swoon!) — it’s now got an alternate address that’s easier to remember and type and etc. We’ll see whether I actually move everything over to that root directory instead of just directing it…I’m wary of messing with the database that powers this thing.

Also: I got on this serious kick of drawing variations on multiple characters sharing sodas Archie-style, and I have a couple more in my sketchbook that I didn’t even use.