Turpentine Vs. The World Re: Musical Taste

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I normally try to avoid giving my fictional bands names that exist as actual bands…but sometimes that’s a losing battle due to the high odds of basically any phrase having been used by someone, somewhere to name a band. I liked a lot of these enough that I decided that I didn’t care, and intentionally didn’t look most of them up. If real ones exist, I’m inclined to view it like how the Danzig Misfits and the Pizzazz Misfits were (unfortunately) unrelated.

Venus Vs. Angels Vs. Coco

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This feels a little bit like tying up loose ends — this band, Venus & The Angels, got mentioned waaaaaaaaaay back near the beginning and a few more times since (with the sense that everyone kinda-sorta knows them), and now finally I’m drawing the other two who aren’t Damon.

Let me take a minute to talk about VENUS DESTRUCTO (and this week’s the minute, ’cause this is a pretty minor character overall). You guys know how I love Jem — so, I’ve seen it remarked more than once or twice (lovingly, I hope) that the ladies of Jem look a little bit like drag queens due to the way they’re drawn: tall height proportions, huge wiglike hair, and dramatic makeup. The real reason for all that is that the style’s based on fashion drawings. So, this set a little spark going in my mind ages ago that I wanted one of the semi-rarely-seen third-party bands in the BVBverse to actually be fronted by someone in drag, who’s really tall and imposing in heels and glam-trashy and is maybe sort of half Jessica Rabbit and half Birth of Venus and in fact her stage name’s Venus something and her civilian name’s some really normal guy thing with an “us” sound like Lucas or Marcus (because this is a guy with a stage persona and not a transgender woman, but y’all KNEW these are two different things because you are SAVVY, right.) I like the idea that this band has original songs and oddly wide crossover appeal beyond just gay bars. I also kinda imagine that they sound a little like Peaches.

Coco is actually a former member of this band (which is there in canon, but extremely subtly and easy to miss.) She seems to be pals with Venus, and…maybe not such pals with Seraphim? She doesn’t really know Damon because he replaced her.

It’s weird to me (even though I’m the one doing this) that we haven’t seen either of our main girls in like three pages, but somehow there has been Damon Celestial TWICE. This will be remedied.

Oh yeah, and if you happen to be in the mood for more of my coffee’d-up rambling, I wrote this long thing about some of the thought behind Band Vs. Band. It was mostly to collect my own thoughts, but I thought I’d throw it on the blog in case anyone found it interesting.

ps: the Sepiatones and Elektroskull totally can’t stand each other.