Honey Hart vs. Self Part II

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She’s getting there, in her own way.
This has got to be one of the most convoluted, busy-assed page layouts I’ve ever done. Meh, it’s kind of operating on dream logic, right?

And yes, “Heidi” is indeed her non-stage name. The complete roll call for our main two bands when they’re waiting in line at the grocery store wearing their civilian pants is Heidi, Carrie, Courtney, Roy, Clementine, Nick, Dominique, and Mallory. This info has come up in the established canon before, but it’s mostly a rare occurrence.
Bonus obsessive stock-taking: by my count, the only other characters who’ve appeared and been addressed by name are Ian, Stacey, Damon, and Billy, all of which are their real first names (albeit including one who’s not using his real last name).

Honey Hart vs. Self

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What makes this one work, I think, is that the previous one it’s based on is one of the least suggestive BVBs ever (at least in terms of Honey vs. Turpentine, and, um, not counting the panel with Foxy sitting on the amp. But really, it was mostly a literal thing about being unsafe with electricity.)

Also: I think I’m going to set myself a schedule to motivate me to do these with more regularly. Right now I’m thinking about every Monday — I’ll put up an official…thing…to confirm it when I decide.

PSA #3

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I liked the idea of doing one that briefly acknowledges the necessity of mountains of gear, since this is normally a world where our bands can pull  instruments out of thin air and have musical showdowns at a moment’s notice. And don’t worry — Honey didn’t let them die.
In other news, my pal Sarah has been doing these pixel versions of Band Vs. Band characters that make me just die that I can’t play them as some charming, unforgiving NES game right now. This week she added this cute l’il Honey Hart walking sprite:

..and a BOSS BATTLE! (click for big)

Dreams vs. Dreams!

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Happy birthday, BVB! I started making these around the end of November last year as part of an attempt to get myself just generally drawing more, and I couldn’t have predicted that’d I’d fall crazy in love with them. I also wasn’t expecting anyone else but me to really dig it! This comic has been one of the best parts of the past year for me, and it just warms my little heart that it keeps getting positive reactions from friends, acquaintances, family (ha ha, yep, my family’s seen all the smutty ones) and rad internet people. Love you all.

My New Comic Year resolution is to maybe put an actual schedule on these things and do more of them — because seriously, I want to tell a million pastel cartoon band stories. Onward!

Something else I’ve been meaning to mention: one of my activity pages is in the current issue of ROCKSALT, a free comics newspaper that you can pick up in Austin, Texas! Which I’ve never set foot in! This is the work of my unstoppable best comixpal Jeanne and her crew, and I’m delighted to be this weird lone Canadian connection to it.