Foes Vs. A Moment On Common Ground

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This one is such a tease! (also: sorry again for missing an update last week.)

I had fun with this longer form episode, but I’m also kinda delighted to be wrapping it up so that I can do some shorter bits. For instance, it’s been so long since the last mailbag comic — and you guys have sent in some really good questions.

Oh yeah — in case you missed it on the facebook page, I made this set of pixelly BVB characters, and kind of dug how they turned out.

Another activity page!

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Printable version here! And if you feel like having an utter BVB colouring page marathon, the first one was here.

Additional bonus today: my friend Jeanne drew me this awesome three page comic where the Band Vs bands meet a visitor from outer space! I really dig her expressive style — and she inks with a brush, which is something I basically can’t ever be trusted to do properly.

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3