Public Service Announcement #2

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…It’s ok, though — his best birthday was pretty unbelievable.

This is kind of a sequel to this one, if you missed it the first time around…and you better believe I’ve spent some serious time lately watching all the videos the internet can give me where cartoon characters get on their lecturing high horse about not talking to strangers, always recycling, and not playing in the clothes dryer.

Oh yeah, and I added this feature semi-surreptitiously a few days ago — and I’ve already got some super awesome mail, a couple of which I’m certain I’m going to use. You guys are the best — thanks! I’m not sure when I’m going to do the first of these, but it’ll probably be soon…and I kind of imagine it as a recurring thing every now and then. I absolutely want more of them, too, so: do it do it do it please.