Learn Guitar Club Part 2

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It’s a new comic, in which: Honey Hart is still enthusiastic about teaching YOU guitar! Kinda!

The other big news around here is: my online shop is open again, for the first time since the Volume 1 reprint Kickstarter. I’ve finally got both books in stock, plus some neat stickers and Risograph prints. (There’s also a digital edition shop, and those versions of the books have the same bonus stuff as the print ones.)

As always, thanks so much for your patience with my messy comic-postin’ schedule, and thanks so much for reading – it really means a lot to me that people are glad to see it update.

Band Mailbag: Mashup!

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We’re back! Oh my gosh! Thank you SO much for your patience, everyone – if you missed seeing this before, my decade-old computer that I’ve been making comics on this entire time finally died, and I was stranded without one at home for about a month. The good news, though, is that this is the first page I’ve done on my beautiful brand new laptop, which is like absurdly more powerful and reliable than the old one.

Next up: re-opening the online shop (watch for that in the next couple of days!)