Band Mail: Foxy Vs Turpentine

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Finally, our drummer girl gets to answer some mail!

One week left for the BVB Volume 2, Kickstarter, y’all! Thank you so much – and there’s still time to get in on this for books, stickers, amazing kickstarter-exclusive guest artist postcards, and helping make the new book happen AND reprinting Volume 1! I know not everyone’s able to back it, and that’s just fine – I’m blown away by all the support you’ve shown me for these comics over the years, from buyin’ stuff, to cosplay, to sharing it with friends, to commenting (and sending in these mail questions, too!) I love you all so much, and I wouldn’t have gotten this far without you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Honey Vs Afterparty, Part 2

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And we’re back! Oh my gosh, I’m sorry for how long it’s been since the last page here – I’ve been working hard getting the Band Vs Band Volume 2 book ready, but all that backstage scheming has meant less time for working on regular pages. (The plan is to do another Kickstarter, so stay tuned for updates on that soon!) Thanks for all your patience, gang – I’ve been so eager to share more comics with you.