Bands Vs. Reunion

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This one makes me want to talk a little bit about continuity and status quo in the Band Vs. Bandverse. It’s something I’ve thought a lot about. I knew almost right from the beginning that I *didn’t* actually want this to be a Status Quo Frozen Universe — either the kind where nothing ever changes, or the kind where plot developments have no significance due to everything always resetting back to square one. The balance, though, is that BVB does have this episodic format that revolves a lot around establishing patterns, and it kinda references a bunch of mostly-frozen universes like, say, Archie.
For this page, when the bands meet again after a summer of not being directly versus each other, I wanted to do a *really* Back To Square One thing — like, the most basic BVB scenario. They’re all out in a public place, and Turpentine’s vaguely up to no good, and Honey Hart’s got a PSA lesson to bring up…and things *have* changed somewhat for these characters over about 130 pages, but this moment has a certain veneer of acting like they haven’t.